A slot machine, online slot machine these are concepts with which every fan of gambling entertainment is familiar. But whether there is a difference between them and what.

Classic slot machines

These are essential elements of land-based gambling halls, which appeared among the first. They are presented in the form of a large mechanical device, the body of which is the screen, control buttons, levers, gears, mechanical game reels.

Jester Spins

The same modern machines have undergone improvements. Now, this is the whole complex with a particular game chair, with 3D-graphics built-in acoustics and equipped with other features. The latest developments are characterized by a protected metal housing, including several elements.

  • The main or bottom monitor. It is the infrared display where the game takes place, with the game reels and symbols displayed. Traditionally, these are machines with five reels, with three-game symbols falling on each of them, and the formation of prize schemes from left to right. However, there may be more than five reels in some developments, and they may have prize combinations under a different scheme.
  • Additional screen. Due to two or even three LCD monitors larger than the playing area, the game becomes more attractive and lively—intended for different screens to display the game rules, payout tables, promos, information about Jackpots, and more.
  • Control Panel. Standard buttons are inherent in the classic machines, in the new developments replaced by the LCD panel with touch control, inside of which is a TFT screen.
  • Game board. Necessary for storing the main program and game information.
  • A mechanism for accepting banknotes (bill acceptor).
  • Hopper. A device for paying out winnings (can be disk or tape).
  • Printer for printing receipts.
  • Card reader (device for reading bank cards to accept payments).
  • An electromechanical counter. Represents a subsystem that duplicates and stores financial information if electronic media are tampered with or damaged.

Online slots

Are simulations of land-based slot machines. These games are not run in a land-based casino, but on the site of the game institution on the Internet. The development of online gambling contributed to the law banning gambling in real casinos.

But even after its abolition, online slots not only did not lose their popularity but, on the contrary, won more and more fans. The gameplay is strictly controlled, personal information players are protected by advanced encryption technology.

In addition, a significant advantage of online slots is the ability to play them on a PC, laptop, mobile device without leaving home. No longer need to waste time going to land gambling halls, carrying a large sum of money.

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