The development of the Internet and personal means of access has positive aspects related to increasing the speed of communication and speeding up business processes. Smartphones surpassing the performance of laptops ten years ago, high-speed Internet and the ability to buy a casino as a ready-made project from iGaming providers have created an independent, unique phenomenon – the online gambling market. However, often people, fall under the influence of advertising and do not understand what awaits them at an online casino.

Casino Mobile
  • Misconception #1. It is impossible to win in such institutions: “you want to win at the casino, buy a casino. In the long run, if you play in an online establishment for, say, 30-50 days in a row, the gambling house will certainly take its own. But one-time winnings are a frequent occurrence. The reason is that the casino has enough games with a return to the player of 99% or higher. Examples: blackjack, oasis poker, baccarat, craps.
  • Misconception #2. Online casinos are interested in getting visitors as often as possible and ruining them. In reality, customer “gaming bankruptcy” is the most undesirable factor. Gambling houses want to get a small share in the form of a mathematically laid down percentage of games, but for as long as possible. Legal online casinos are the founders of organizations that restrict gambling (Responsible Gambling), and most of them put on their websites the menu item “Self-exclusion” (from a particular game or generally from the business customers).
  • Misconception #3. If you win, you will have to wait for the payment; the player will be checked in different ways. Past practice shows that all licensed casinos, without exception, use electronic purses as a means of payment. Amounts up to 1000 USD come either instantly or at most a few hours. Confirmation of identity for payments of this order is usually not required.
  • Misconception #4. A casino can affect a particular player’s refund at its discretion on any game. If an online establishment is licensed, it cannot run games from its server. Video slots and everything else start from the developers’ servers – the providers.
  • Misconception #5. To play online casino games from your smartphone or tablet, you need to install or download some software. Until now, you can still do so, but everything has changed with the advent of a new development technology – HTML5. It uses vector graphics, so gaming machines instantly adjust to the screen size of any gadget. As a result, playing from a smartphone is sometimes even more convenient and enjoyable than a laptop.
  • Misconception #6. Online casino bonuses are created to compensate for part of a customer’s loss. Yes, this is practiced by land-based casinos and most bookmakers. However, more than 95% of Internet bonuses are designed to aggravate the player’s financial losses. The conclusion is simple: do not take bonuses or make a mathematical calculation when receiving them.
  • Misconception #7. The most popular casinos are the most reliable. In reality, the casino’s credibility has a license for gaming, but it must be checked. Hence, when deciding to make a deposit to play, one must check the institution’s license.