Slots are the most striking gambling entertainment. Of course, any modern casino offers a variety of slots for all tastes. But what was the first slot machine? The history of slots is fascinating.

Today, online clubs offer slot machines to play for free without registration and SMS. Each user can choose any slot by running it in demo mode. Thus, the any slot club offers a large selection of games with original plots and a good percentage of payouts.

Casino Machine

What were the first slot machines?

The history of slot machine creation is fascinating and starts with the usual randomness.

So, the prototype slots were created in Britain in 1887. They were based on poker. Then the company Sittman and Pitt released a poker machine, which had five reels and used poker symbols (1891). This machine became popular among visitors to bars and entertainment venues. In the slots could win a cigar or beer.

It was from this period begins the development. Let us distinguish the following stages:

  • The first prototype slot (1887);
  • Poker machines (1891);
  • One-armed bandits (1894);
  • Liberty Bell (1898);
  • Fruit machines (1912);
  • Electromechanical slots (1964);
  • Slots on the Internet (1994).

Now you can play modern slot machines for free, but the first slots such opportunities did not have. So they needed to make money rates.

History of slot machines, the famous Liberty Bell

A full-fledged slot appeared in 1894; car mechanic Charles Fey created it. The model had three reels and a lever to start them. The symbols were cards.

This slot became the basis for the development of all other machines. In 1989, Fey made the machines option of automatic issuance of winnings. Later, the Liberty Bell machine was created. Its symbols were card suits gold bells. You could win a maximum of 10 nickels. It is this slot became incredibly popular at the time. Note that other developers copied this machine, so similar devices appeared in entertainment establishments.

Fruit slots and mechanical machines

The creation of the machine allowed gamblers to have fun with interest and earn money. But manufacturers did not want to stop and release new items. In 1912, they were created Fruit Machine. In them, as prizes were gum, candy, chocolate. At that time, gambling was banned for money, so cash prizes were not played.

A little later, the ban on gambling entertainment was gradually lifted. At this time, mechanical slots were produced. In 1964, he presented an electromechanical machine Money Honey, after which he began to develop and have electronic slots.

Modern slot machines

To which we are accustomed, these machines appeared in casinos in 80-ies of the last century. In 1994, the first online slot from Microgaming was introduced. The slot was so interesting that players began to bet online actively. And many developers presented their exciting models to the public.

Today, online casinos offer to play gambling games for free without registration, run slots for money or play from a cell phone. As a result, gambling entertainment is becoming even more interesting, and the winnings are even more significant.